160th Church Anniversary at East Delavan Baptisit Church

Last Sunday we were able to participate in the 160th Anniversary of the founding of East Delavan Baptist Church in Delavan, Wisconsin. Pastor Steve Hollenbeck and his people are doing a great job in that ministry and planned a great weekend. The weekend celebration began on Saturday with an open house, dinner and evening service, with former pastor Frank Moore speaking. Pastor Moore was pastor there from 1964-1975. The Sunday morning included a combined Sunday School and a Morning Service with Dr. Les Olilla speaking in both. Dr. Olilla is the Cancellor and former president of Northland Baptist Bible College of Pembine, WI. As the State Missions Director for the WFBC, I was able to speak in the evening service. East Delavan Baptist has been a part of the WFBC for many years and Pastor Hollenbeck is currently the president of the WFBC.

East Delavan Baptist Church was founded in 1845 when a small group of Baptists under the leadership of Pastor Henry Topping held a prayer meeting on the present site. The first building was a log cabin adjacent to the site and in 1869 a new building was built on the current site. In 1972 under the leadership of Pastor Frank Moore the present building was built, replacing the building built in 1869. Fifty-three pastors have served this church over its 160 years. While not the oldest Baptist church in Wisconsin, I believe East Delavan Baptist Church is the oldest congregation in the WFBC.

Thank God for this faithful ministry and a committed congregation. We rejoice with them upon this important occasion. To God be the glory of what HE has done!