Church Planting School Held at Soul Harbor Baptist Church

With the great need of seeing churches planted both here in America and around the world, Pastor Paul Hoover and Souls Harbor Baptist Church of Milwaukee sponsored a Church Planting School this week Monday through Wednesday, June 13-15. Keynote speakers for this conference included Dr. Bruce Turner, Dr. Leroy Pennell, Dr. Earl Jessup and Pastor Jim Townsley. Brother Townsley is the coordinator of these schools held four time each year in various locations across the country.

Attendees enjoyed several general sessions and evening messages, as well as workshops for churches planting churches and for church planters. There were also sessions for the ladies on Tuesday. The host church provided meals for lunch and supper on Tuesday and lunch on Wednesday. A number of pastors from the state attended and were challenged for this important ministry, as well as enjoying a great time of fellowship.

A special thanks is in order to Pastor Hoover and his dear folks who served us faithfully during the conference. We appreciate your labor of love.