Preaching in Illinois

Pastor Mark Bouslog of Bible Baptist Church of Bloomington, IL invited me to preach for his evening service, August 14th. We were down in Illinois to attend a family reunion and spend some time with my mother who lives in Normal, IL. Two weeks ago we spent the week at Camp Chetek here in Wisconsin and Pastor Bouslog was one of the speakers.

Pastor asked me to share the ministry of the WFBC which was my first time to show our video presentation and share our ministry outside our state. Their church is involved with the Association of Independent Baptist Churches of Illinois (AIBCI) a sister ministry. Bible Baptist Church is currently negotiating on a parcel of land with plans being made to build a new church facility sometime in the future. Their current building is full with no room for expansion and has limited parking.

We enjoyed a great time of fellowship and ministry with the good people of Bible Baptist Church of Bloomington, IL. Having grown up in that area, we have many friends in the church and the area. Thank God for sister churches in other places who are involved in the same kind of ministry that we have here in Wisconsin.