FBF Mid America Conference at Falls Baptist

Falls Baptist Church of Menomonie Falls hosted the annual Mid America Pastor’s Conference for the Fundamental Baptist Fellowship. A number of pastors and Christian workers from the upper midwest (Michigan, Indianan, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin) gathered for a day-long meeting of challenge and fellowship. Speakers included Moderator, Pastor Brad Smith of Bethel Baptist in Schaumburg, IL, Evangelist John Van Gelderen, Host Pastor, Dr. Wayne Van Gelderen and closing session speaker, Dr. Bill Hall. The theme for the meeting was the Great Commission and each speaker addressed various aspects of that biblical challenge. Following the afternoon messages, those attending paired up and went out to various locations to give out he gospel, hand out tracts and witness to those encountered. A number of people professed Christ and many were given the gospel in tract or verbal form. It was a great day of ministry and a practical demonstration of our continuing need to get the gospel out to our generation.