Havenwood Baptist Growing in Hurley

God has blessed Havenwood Baptist Church in Hurley as they come to their one year anniversary the first week in December. Under the leadership of Pastor Kevin Holland the church has seen strong growth throughout the year. On Sunday November 6th, we were able to preach and share the ministry of the WFBC with the church. Despite a number of folks who were ill and unable to attend, we enjoyed a warm reception and a delightful fellowship meal at noon.

God provided a former medical clinic for a building one year ago and they have been working to get it remodeled with carpet being laid in the past few days. Also a number of families are coming from the Ashland area which is about forty miles west of Hurley. Pastor Holland has been meeting with that group in a Bible study, exploring the possibility of another church plant.

It is not often in Wisconsin that we see a church coming close to be fully self supported in such a short time. We praise the Lord for the progress of this ministry.