First Baptist in Seymour Sees Continued Growth

As one of the WFBC church planting ministries, First Baptist Church of Seymour under the leadership of Chris Leppert is continuing to see growth and blessing. We were able to minister there on Sunday November 13th for the morning service. Following the service we had a Thanksgiving dinner with turkey and all the trimmings provided by the church families. It was a wonderful day of ministry and fellowship.

The Lepperts have been in Seymour for a little over six years and have seen some ups and downs characteristic of church planting ministries. Last year they were able to purchase a building just outside the city and remodel it to meet there needs. Pastor and others helping have done a great job of making a suitable church facility for their ministry. Also the church has been allowing a sister Baptist Church to use their facilities for services in the afternoon.

We would encourage your prayers for Pastor Leppert as he deals with headaches from an auto accident about a year ago. God is graciously providing, but this kind of problem sometimes makes study, prayer and concentration difficult. We thank God for his continuing provision for our church planters and their families.