Ministry at Victory Baptist in Oshkosh

Sunday April 30th we were serving at Victory Baptist Church in Oshkosh. Pastor Paul Stephens is the pastor of this church, though he was unable to attend due to sickness. We were able to speak in Sunday School and the AM service in addition to presenting the ministry of the WFBC during the morning service. There was a good crowd present for the service and we enjoyed getting to know many that we had not met.

Assistant Pastor Stephan Mattsen and his wife Kathryn took us out for dinner and a wonderful time of personal fellowship following the service. Brother Mattson had previously served at Maranatha College with Carole and it was great to visit about their past ministry together.

Pastor Paul Stephens has contracted a serious systemic infection and has had to undergo major surgery. He is still dealing with the effects of this infection and would appreciate your prayers for his full recovery. Remember him in prayer at this time.