Building Dedication at CITA Baptist Church in Eau Claire

Pastor Phil Huggins is pastoring the CITA (Christ is the Answer) Baptist Church in Eau Claire, which he started two year ago. Recently they were able to purchase a church building. On Sunday October 8th we were able to participate in their Sunday School and Morning Service, including a special building dedication service. There was an great crowd present for the services and a church dinner followed in the basement fellowship hall. CITA Baptist Church is off to an excellent start as a new church.

If you are visiting in the Eau Claire area, stop and visit them at 1704 Hodgeboom, just west of Bus Hwy 53. The building seemed in good repair and had room on the lot for a possible addition. There is no off street parking, but being on a corner it has adequate street parking for the present. We praise the Lord for his new and growing ministry in Eau Claire.