Leaving a Legacy

Recently, I spoke at a ladies’ tea at Holmen Baptist Church in Holmen, Wisconsin. As I talked with the ladies about Leaving a Legacy, I warned them about thinking that their possessions were adequate as a legacy! We ought to be living our lives in such a way that those who come into contact with us go away with a spiritual legacy…salvation, a deeper appreciation for the greatness of God, clearer understanding of His truths, etc. As an illustration, I told the ladies that sometimes I test my attitudes toward possessions by promising the Lord that I will listen carefully until someone says, “I really like ___________” about something that belongs to me. When I hear that, I will immediately GIVE that item to whomever spoke those words! So far, it has always been something I was using to decorate my house, and it is very freeing just to trust the Lord to choose whatever He wanted! We had a great time of spiritual fellowship around the table following my devotional, and I left Holmen praising the Lord.

The very next week, however, God showed to me His unfailing sense of wonderful humor…at least, I think He was kidding! Two ladies came over to help us begin to plan Abbie’s wedding (yes, she is engaged!). The first one who came in was my niece, Lyssa. She said, “I just LOVE your house! I could just move in today!” Gulp! My other helper, Layna, expressed, “I have always loved your couch and loveseat!” Double Gulp! So I told them laughingly my story, and said I would have to check with Wayne to see if I could give away our house and furniture!

Sometimes, God DOES ask us to give up those things…in December, Pastor Tom Fuller and his family lost their home & possessions in a fire. Do we have a spiritual legacy that is eternal in value? If the only legacy we are leaving consists of material possessions, our heirs are to be pitied. With the Apostle Paul, I encourage you “to support the weak, and to remember the words of the Lord Jesus, how he said, It is more blessed to give than to receive.” (Acts 20:35).