Ministry at Liberty Baptist in Monroe

On Sunday March 4th we were at Liberty Baptist Church in Monroe where Steve Owen is the pastor. Actually we were originally scheduled to be at Liberty on the preceding Sunday, February 25th, but bad weather prevented our being there. Carole and I were able to provide special music and she was called upon to play for the service as well. I presented the WFBC ministry as well as teaching Sunday School and preaching for the morning service.

Followinig the service we enjoyed a delicious taco dinner in the church fellowship hall. Liberty was celebrating the return of Dorothy, one of their members who had survived cancer and was back after a number of months absence. They have pronounced her fully cured and free of cancer. The church had earnestly prayed and believe that God healed her from her illness.

Liberty Baptist Church is a small congregation with a faithful pastor and family who are doing we work for the Lord. Pastor Owens is bi-vocational with an outside job and a fulltime ministry. It was a blessing to see a substantial increase in attendance from our last visit. Let me also say that this small congregation gave a huge offering to our church planting fund. While many of our church congregations are little in man’s eyes, they are doing the work of God here in Wisconsin. Praise God for faithful pastors, pastor’s families and congregations that are carrying on active ministry on a day by day basis for the Lord Jesus Christ.