Pulpit Supply at First Baptist in Fort Atkinson

Sunday, March 11th Carole and I were at First Baptist Church in Fort Atkinson where Rod Anderson is the pastor. Rod and Doris were in Michigan for the week to be with their daughter-in-law who has cancer and was facing a serious operation. She came through the surgery fine but will likely have a slow recovery due to complications from the cancer.

We provided special music for the services in both morning and evening with Carole playing the piano. I taught the men’s Sunday School class while Carole taught the ladies. Also I preached for both the AM and PM services. We enjoyed a wonderful time of ministry at First Baptist where we have many friends, including Carole’s niece and her family.

This past year the church did some extensive remodeling adding an elevator and handicap restroom. They have completed that project and they now are able to provide full access to their entire facility. They join almost a dozen churches who are involved or will soon be involved in building projects. Praise the Lord for growth and his gracious provision.