Grace Baptist Church in Kosrae, Micronesia

grace baptist church

On Sunday, March 25, we attended services with Missionary Steve Hunter and his family at Grace Baptist Church, a ministry begun through Steve’s careful teaching of the Word since 1999. One of the church men, Timothy, officially welcomed us and said, “I know this building is not what you are used to, but the church is the people…and we are people who believe that Jesus Christ paid the penalty for our sin, and are trusting in Him.” What Timothy doesn’t realize is that WE are the ones who feel very privileged to be here, worshiping with these 50 brothers and sisters…truly, they are functioning as a New Testament Church ought to function…”behold, how they love one another”.

Joining in the laughter, Praising the Lord in Song (acappella, but 4 part harmony!),Listening to Pastor Songro preach from Hebrews, praising Christ, Who is superior to anyone or anything else! Following the service, folks stay around and visit together, so we heard many testimonies of salvation and thankfulness for Steve’s willingness to bring the truth of the Gospel to Kosrae.

No, the building is NOT what we are used to…but the Christian fellowship is a joy, no matter where we are in the world. A taste of heaven on Kosrae…thank you, Jesus.

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