Missionary Travel in Kosrae, Micronesia

God made it possible for us to take a long desired mission trip to Kosrae, Micronesia to visit with our former church members and friends the Steve and Dawn Hunter family. They have been in Kosrae (pronounced Koshri) for eight years involved in church planting. During that time they have seen Grace Baptist Church established and they will be turning it over to national leadership this summer when they return to the US for furlough.

We have enjoyed beautiful weather, balmy breezes, a hot sun and sweet fellowship with the Hunters. They have three children, Zachery, Naomi and Wesley. In two more days we will have to return to Wisconsin, but our stay here has been idealic. The Hunters have been gracious hosts showing us the island of Kosrae and sharing their ministry with us.

evening service

On Saturday March 24th we enjoyed a delightful potluck dinner in the evening at the church with the families of Grace Baptist in Kosrae. The fellowship was a sweet as being in our own home church, but the food was much different. We had eel, various kinds of fish including raw fish, crab, coconut milk and banana pie (crusted not cream). It was a joy to meet these friendly believers a world away from our home in Wisconsin and share their fellowship.

The next day on Sunday we participated in the services of Grace Baptist Church. Pastor Songro (a national pastor) preached from the book of Hebrews in the morning service on the superiority of Christ over Moses. We enjoyed the singing and fellowship of God’s people as well as the preaching of God’s Word. The evening service filled the church building for my message on the ministry of the New Testament believer out of II Corinthians 4. Carole and I were able to provide special music and I spoke to an eager crowd. It was clear to see that these people love the Lord for what he has done for them and they love one another.

The Hunters will be returning to the US for a 10-month furlough in the summer of 2007. At this time they are praying about his direction for their future as they plan to turn the leadership of Grace Baptist over to national leadership. You might pray with them about this matter in the coming months.

I will be sharing some additional material about our trip along with some pictures soon. We are be returning to Wisconsin on Thursday morning March 29th to a busy weekend of ministry. Pray for our safe return.