A Mortgage Burning at Bible Baptist in West Bend

Sunday April 29th we participated in a mortgage burning at Bible Baptist Church of West Bend where Steve Gorton is the pastor. Bible Baptist is not a member of the WFBC but we have had good fellowship with that ministry over the years. God provided a beautiful building just over ten years ago giving them a adequate facility to house their ministry. What a joy to see the mortgage paid off on that property. Pastor Gorton expressed that this blessing would allow them to expand their ministry in other areas with the funds it would make available.

All the former pastors were invited and able to attend. The most recent pastors who had fellowshipped regularly with the WFBC were pastors Ned Sutherland and Gil Seddon. Each of the former pastors including their most recent interim Pastor Dennis Komis either gave a message or shared testimonies of their time of ministry at Bible Baptist. Following the morning service, the congregation gathered on the lawn for the official burning of the mortgage paper and I was asked to pray a prayer of dedication at that time. A delicious meal was served to all that were present in the church fellowship hall after the burning ceremony.

We rejoice with Bible Baptist Church for this important milestone in their ministry. May God give them much fruit through the facility He has provided.