Ministry at Faith Baptist in Pembine

Sunday May 20th we were ministering at Faith Baptist Church in Pembine. Pastor Tim Collard was away for the Sunday. I preached for both the morning and evening services and we provided special music for the evening. I also met with the prayer group prior to the evening service and shared some of the principles regarding the pastoral search. We had a great time of fellowship with this congregation in Pembine.

Faith Baptist Church is facing two significant changes in their ministry. Pastor Collard has resigned and is seeking God’s direction to another ministry. Secondly the church is closing their Christian school as the end of this school year. Northland Baptist Bible College has made the decision to start a school in light of FBC’s closing of their school, which will be named Pioneer Christian School. For the time being the college will be using the church school facilities for their school.

We would encourage your prayers for Faith Baptist as they work through this time of transition. This ministry begun in the early 1970s is a key location to provide local church ministry to the Northland family.