A “beary” exciting experience

In five and one half years of travel for the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches we have enjoyed the beautiful scenery of Wisconsin in all four seasons. We have literally criss-crossed the state from Kenosha to Hudson, from Superior to Plattevile, from Green Bay to Beloit. Last summer while driving north of Eau Claire we came around a curve and saw a bald eagle on the shoulder of the road consuming a piece of road kill. Almost three years ago we saw a wolf along the interstate north of Wausau on a Sunday morning.

Last Sunday evening we were returning from Hurley. At about 6 pm we were just north of Merrill on Highway 51 heading south for home. A black bear suddenly appeared out of the median and scurried across the south bound lane into the ditch. I had the van on cruise and had to hit the brake to keep from hitting him. I am not sure where he was headed, but he was in a hurry. Our only regret was that we did not have a camera handy to catch the event. It was “beary” exciting.