First Baptist Church River Falls 150th Anniversary

On July 21-22, 2007 First Baptist Church of River Falls celebrated their 150th Anniversary as a church fellowship. Pastor Phil Bushy and the congregation put on a great time of preaching, remembering and fellowship. This local church particularly under the leadership of Pastor Marvin Johnson (1961-1981) saw over 50 young people come through their Baptist Student Fellowship and go into fulltime Christian service. A number of those who had participated in the BSF came for the two-day celebration. An interesting fact is that Pastor Bushy was a product of the ministry of First Baptist Church and is now serving as its pastor.

Several former pastors and those in ministry elsewhere came for the services. Speakers included: Seminary professor Mike Windsor, College professor Ronn Johnson (son of former pastor Marvin Johnson), Seminary professor Richard Averbeck, ACE representative Dr. Dell Johnson, as well as former pastor Robert Lillo. Also former pastor Mike Kleeberger sent an electronic greeting, as well as Brazilian Missionary John Raehl. The church also provided meals for those attending on both Saturday and Sunday. I was a great time of reunion to reconnect with friends from past days.

Thank God for continuing faithful ministry over one and a half centuries. It is always a blessing to see ministries that defy the odds and stay true to the Word of God. May God give them many more years of ministry until He comes.