Filling the Pulpit at Stoughton Baptist Church

Part of our ministry as the State Missions Director is assisting churches without pastors. Pastor Phil Mikkelson after serving over 17 years at Stoughton Baptist Church completed his ministry there on July 22nd. On Sunday July 29th we were at Stoughton for their Sunday services. Carole provided piano accompanyment and we sang a special number. An interesting side note is that Carole played the piano at Stoughton Baptist Church while a college student at Maranatha College in the early 1970s, so for her it was a blessing to be back and see old friends. I taught Sunday School and preached for the AM service. The church held its monthly birthday/anniversary fellowship and pot luck dinner and the PM service was held immediately following dinner.

The Mikkelsons will not be pastoring but will be serving in a Christian School and church in Ocala, Florida with their daughter and son-in-law who is the assistant at that church. Pray for Stoughton Baptist as they seek God’s man to lead their congregation forward in ministry in their community.