Pastoral Installation at CITA Baptist Church in Eau Claire

Sunday October 21st was the official installation service for Pastor Greg Robotti to CITA Baptist Church in Eau Claire. I was asked to bring a charge to the church during the first service, at which time they held a charter service to allow those desiring membership to join as charter members, including several who had been baptized last week.

Pastor John Moore from Fellowship Baptist Church in Watertown provided the charge to the pastor in the regular morning service. Brother Robotti had worked under Pastor Moore the past 6 years as an assistant at Fellowship. Following the preaching the men of the church and Pastor Moore and I prayed a dedication prayer for the new pastor. A delicious dinner provided by the church families with a special dedication cake followed the service. Also Glenn and Becky Owens friends from Fellowship Baptist in Watertown brought special music for both services.

A number of people were in attendance as visitors for the services in addition to Pastor Robotti’s parents and brothers. We enjoyed a great time of fellowship and the congregation was rejoicing in the good attendance and special honoring of their new pastor. We also appreciated the warmth of a new furnace installed last week for the church which was made possible by the gifts of a a number of WFBC churches. The Lord provided funds for the furnace replacement and payment of back heating bills from last Winter. It was a great day for all present.