The Church Scene Across America

As many of your know our four married sons live in four different states and none of them in Wisconsin. All of them are graduates of Maranatha Baptist Bible College in Watertown and are committed to a position as fundamental Baptists. Our two sons who lives east in Michigan and Pennsylvania have found good churches and they are actively serving in those churches as ABF teachers as well as other areas of church ministry. The other two boys live southwest in Texas and New Mexico. Their search for a good church has been more difficult. In talking with them their criteria includes a fundamental Baptist church, good preaching, effective ministry and good music. It has taken them months to find a church in in some cases they have chosen to accept some qualities that were not in their criteria.

We have a lot of be thankful for here in Wisconsin. Once known as the “Graveyard of evangelism,” Wisconsin has developed a strong fundamental Baptist church network with over 200 churches statewide and three Baptist Bible colleges. While there are a few places in the state where you have to drive some distance (maybe as much as 30 miles to find a good church), most areas have a church. Also there is good variety of size and demographic makeup of these churches.

In my personal opinion the growth and success of fundamental Baptists in Wisconsin has been due to a continued emphasis upon church planting and the availability of good pastors through the Bible colleges. The WFBC has maintained a commitment to seeing “churches planting churches.” We need to continue strengthening our fellowship with churches working together for ministry, for biblical unity and fellowship.