A Building Dedication at Open Door Baptist in Baraboo

Open Door Baptist Church in Baraboo held a Building Dedication Service on Sunday January 20th at a 3:00 PM service. Pastor William Metzger is the founding pastor of this local ministry which he planted in 1999. Pastor Joe Grimaldi of Midwest Bible Baptist Church in Rochester, Minnesota brought the dedication message applying truth from the dedication of the Jerusalem Temple in II Chronicles 3-7. Special music was provided by Evangelist Steve Epley and his family from Washington, Iowa. A number of people from area churches attended the service along with the members of Open Door Baptist Church.

The congregation purchased the office building in August and then did extensive remodeling to transform the building into a beautiful church facility. The auditorium will seat over 100 and the basement provides Sunday School rooms and a nice fellowship hall. Located just one half block north of Highway 33 on the east side of Baraboo, the location and usability is a real improvement over their former rented facilities.

We commend the congregation of Open Door Baptist who did much of the transforming work in this project. They have a lovely building which will provide an adequate place of ministry of many years to come.