One Year Anniversary at Lighthouse Baptist Church in Hillsboro

April 1-3, 2007 Lighthouse Baptist Church began holding services in Hillsboro with a series of meetings which I had the privilege of preaching. Pastor Kevin Lawver is the mission pastor of this new local church ministry. A year later, April 6, 2008 we visited the services of this baby church. It was a blessing to see a number of families attending and rejoice with that which God has done in the past year. We enjoyed the services as well as a time of fellowship and lunch at the noon hour. Following the lunch we stayed for the 1:00 PM afternoon service.

At this time the church is considering its options regarding their building. They are currently in a large three-story home in the center of town with the opportunity of purchasing that building. In addition they have looked at adding on an auditorium to that building which would provided an adequate space for the present and future. This coming Sunday the church body will be making a decision based upon potential allowances by the town. Pray for God’s direction for this new church as they a seek to provide a permanent location for their ministry.