A Return to Faith Baptist in Portage

Sunday August 31st we were back at Faith Baptist Church in Portage. Faith is pastored by Jonathan Robertson. We provided special music for the service and Carole assisted on the keyboard. I taught Sunday School and preached for the AM and afternoon services. Following the morning service we had a wonderful time of fellowship at a pot luck dinner.

Pastor Robertson has completed his 13-week Army chaplaincy training for the Wisconsin National Guard at Fort Jackson, Columbia, SC, and will be returning to his pulpit for the September 7th services. Lt. Robertson will be serving the local National Guard unit in Portage in addition to carrying on his pastoral duties at Faith Baptist Church. There is a serious need for military chaplains at this time for both active duty and guard units. The New Testament Association of Independent Baptist Churches (a national fellowship of churches) is the sending agency for Chaplain Robertson, making this ministry possible for fundamental Baptists in the military.

We should pray for safety for our troops in harms way in various fields of battle around the world. At the same time we should uphold Christians in the military, as well as godly chaplains who are faithfully ministering to those troops. They should daily be in our prayers.