Presentation at Faith Baptist Church in Waukesha

We closed out Sunday, January 11th at Faith Baptist Church in Waukesha. Pastor Glen Teasdale is the pastor of this ministry, a church he started over forty years ago. During their evening pre-service we shared some of the ministry of the WFBC with an extended question and answer time. Then during the regular evening service I showed our power point presentation and preached.

Pastor Teasdale is still recovering from an extended time in the hospital for cardiac surgery. It was a blessing to see him back in the services after his hospital stay.

Following the service the church provided a fellowship time with sub sandwiches and desserts. We enjoyed that time to visit with church families and eat some good food.

Glen and Marge Teasdale have had a long term and fruitful ministry in Wisconsin. Carole and I consider them one of our mentors and examples in the faith. They have faithfully served the Lord here for many years and have stood strong for God and the truth.