MIssions Conference at Union Grove Baptist Church

Sunday March 29th we ministered at Union Grove Baptist Church as a part of their Mission’s Conference. Brother George Schlagel is the pastor of this local church. During Sunday School I presented our power point presentation of the WFBC and taught a Bible lesson, as well as preaching for the Morning Service. Following the morning services the church provided a delicious carry-in dinner for all who were present, followed by an early afternoon service. The Mission Conference will last through Wednesday, featuring various other missionary ministries.

Union Grove Baptist Church is one of the church ministries having a Christian day school. The Union Grove Christian School has an enrollment of about 100 students. Though a Christian school is a lot of work, it provides an important option for that church and area churches. Christian education is a great spiritual benefit to families all over our state and our nation. Thanks Union Grove Baptist Church and School for making this sacrifice of time and money for the cause of Christ!