Sunday Ministry at Victory Baptist Church in Eau Claire

Sunday July 20th we were involved in ministry at Victory Baptist Church in Eau Claire. Greg Robotti is the pastor of the his local church ministry where he has served as pastor since 2007 for this fledgling church.

I was able to teach for the Sunday School hour and during the morning service I shared our powerpoint presentation of our ministry. We shared the service with staff members from Camp Chetek with Brian Lawson bringing the morning message. The camp staffers have driven down to assist this small church with ministry assistance and special music for the past three weeks.

Pastor Robotti has seen some growth with several new families coming in the past year. Also the church has done some extensive improvements on their church building by updating the heating system, insulating the walls, remodeling the nursery and redirecting the steps to the downstairs. With the help of financial gifts and donated labor from WFBC churches their building has become very functional for their ministry.

Continue to pray for Pastor Robotti as he has been laid off from his construction job due to the economic downturn. He is also continuing to deal with headaches though medication has improved and lessened their occurrence.