Preaching at Faith Baptist Church in Rhinelander

We opened our Sunday ministry in September at Faith Baptist Church in Rhinelander. Mark Ring is the pastor of this WFBC mission church ministry. Carole provided keyboard music for the service and I presented our ministry and preached for the AM Service. Even for a holiday weekend there was an excellent attendance for the service.

Faith Baptist Church began in March of 2005 with regular services. Fifteen months later God provided a fully equipped church building from a ministry that we closing down. God has blessed over the past four years providing continued growth. Their goal is to be off church planting support next year.

The Sunday program included a missionary presentation by Brian DeMart who with his wife will be return to teaching in the Fiji Islands at a Bible Institute. After the morning service the church family moved to a local park for a nice picnic lunch and a exciting game of “Minnesota Softball.” It was a great time of fun and fellowship to close out the summer season.