Our Seventh Grandchild

Lydia Carole Vawter

Lydia Carole Vawter

On November 16th our daughter-in-law Pauletta gave birth to a healthy, eight pound baby girl. Paul and Pauletta named her Lydia Carole Vawter. She joins her three year-old brother, Michael and 18-month old sister Grace. Carole was able to be present for the home birth and Lydia and Pauletta are doing great!

Paul is in his third year of teaching math and Bible at the Mesilla Valley Christian School in Las Cruces, New Mexico. They are also actively involved in the ministry of Mountain View Baptist Church in Las Cruces which pastored by Pastor Robb Redlin.

Carole flew down on November 10th and was able to be present for the birth. I drove down a little over a week later. While in Las Cruces we celebrated Thanksgiving with Paul and his family and returned to Wisconsin this week.