Tenth Anniversary at Faith Baptist Church in Portage

10th Anniversary Faith Baptist Portage

10th Anniversary of Faith Baptist Church in Portage

On Sunday January 24th Faith Baptist Church celebrated their tenth anniversary. Faith Baptist Church is pastored by Jonathan Robertson, who has been serving as an Army chaplain in Iraq for the past year. In his absence, Daniel Gaschke acted as interim pastor during that time.

The anniversary included messages by Pastor Gaschke in Sunday School and retired pastor Bob Dow in the AM service. Pastor Dow assisted the church ten years ago acting as its founding pastor. Following a lunch at the church, I preached for the afternoon service to close out the program for the day.

Also included in the day’s activities were a couple of presentations. A collection of pictures was shown during the morning service of various services and occasions at Faith Baptist over the past ten years. In addition Pastor Robertson showed a program through pictures that featured the past two years as he prepared and then went to Iraq. There were many comments of joy over the progress of the ministry in its decade of history.

Pastor Robertson will be transitioning back into his pastoral role at Faith Baptist. However he is making himself available to churches that might want to have him share his ministry as a military chaplain. Give him a call, and he would be glad to come and present his special ministry. Pastor Gaschke will be seeking another pastoral position as the transition closes out over the next few months. Be in prayer for him as to God’s direction.