Reporting to First Baptist Church in Campbellsport

We opened our February ministry at First Baptist Church in Campbellsport on Sunday February 7th. Dave Nothem is the pastor of this local church ministry. Carole provided musical assistance on the piano accompanying Carl on the organ. We also provided a special number for the service. I gave a report of our ministry, sharing our new DVD presentation.

First Baptist Church has faced some recent challenges as a ministry. An internal church action has resulted in the loss of some families to the ministry. Also the pastor and his wife are out of work at this time, adding to some financial pressure. Along with a number of our pastors, Dave Nothem must work to support his ministry. We must continue to uphold these bi-vocational pastors as they labor in the work of ministry while working an outside job. Their sacrifice is a real indicator of their full commitment to the work of the gospel ministry.