Twenty Years of Ministry by Park City Baptist in Merrill

Milleson Park City Baptist Church celebrated their 20th Anniversary as a local church in the city of Merrill. Freddy McMillen is the second and current pastor. The church was started late in 1989 by Pastor David Milleson, who has since gone to be with the Lord.

Carole and I were graciously included in this anniversary celebration. Carole provided keyboard music for the services and she and I both sang special numbers as well. I taught the Sunday School hour with a special review of the book of Acts leading up to the church plant in Merrill. In the morning service I challenged the congregation with “the open door” which God has given them in their community.

The day’s activities included the morning services, a delicious dinner in the church’s fellowship hall and a testimony service in the afternoon. The afternoon testimonies were a great blessing as a number folks shared how Park City Baptist Church had ministered to them and their family. Nancy Milleson the wife of the founding pastor is a member of the church and was able to be present for the day. An interesting fact came out in the testimonies that similar to the building gift in Rhinelander, that God had given Park City Baptist Church their building as a gift as well. God is good!

We rejoice with Park City Baptist Church, the McMillens and Nancy Milleson over their anniversary. It is our prayer that if the Lord tarries he will continue to grant them many years of fruitful ministry in the city of Merrill.