Pulpit Supply at Calvary Baptist Church in Sun Prairie

Sunday July 11th we were ministering for the day at Calvary Baptist Church in Sun Prairie. Currently they are awaiting the arrival of a new pastor. I spoke in Sunday School and preached for both AM and PM services. Carole provided keyboard assistance in the morning service.

Calvary Baptist Church has called Rick Bloom as their pastor. He will be arriving in Sun Prairie around the first of August. Pastor Bloom comes from the ministry of Bible Baptist Church in Campaign, IL. After two years of being without a pastor, the congregation is excited about once again having a shepherd for their flock. Part of the last two years Dr. Dave Saxon of the Maranatha Baptist Bible College faculty has provided interim ministry for the church, as well as many others who have filled in as pulpit supply. It will be great to have this ministry back under full pastoral leadership. Pastor Bloom will be speaking for his first Sunday services on August 8th.