Pulpit Supply at West Salem Baptist Church

Sunday July 18th we were ministering at West Salem Baptist Church in West Salem. Rick Sella is the pastor of this local church ministry and he was taking a vacation from the work.

Carole provided piano accompanyment for the services and sang in a duet with a lady from the church. I presented our DVD sharing the continuing work of the WFBC during Sunday School as well as presenting a lesson on Biblical Leadership. Also I preached for both the morning and evening services. We enjoyed a great time of ministry and fellowship for the day at West Salem.

Having pastored for many years, I believe it is important for a pastor to periodically take a break from their ministry. It provides a time of reflection, analysis and possibly even concentrated study. The stress of ministry is well known by every pastor and taking a break allows a opportunity to divest oneself for a few day of that pressure. Then he can return refreshed and revitalized for further ministry. Pray for your pastor!