WFBC 60th Annual Meeting

September 20-21, 2010 at First Baptist Church in New Lisbon the churches of the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches met to celebrate sixty years of growth, church planting and fellowship under the theme “Forward in Faith.”  The speakers for the conference included Evangelist Dwight Smith and former directors Robert Dow and Leon Leeds. Also on Monday afternoon Mr. David Vawter, our WFBC webmaster,  presented a workshop on some current issues with regard to the electronic media. It was a great time of spiritual challenge.

On Tuesday afternoon at a special session all the former living directors and their wives were honored, including the Dows, the Leeds, the George Cables, the Richard Carns and Mrs. Dortha Elkins. They shared personal testimonies of their time as leaders of the WFBC. A personal gift was given to each of the directors as a token of thanks for their sacrifice and ministry. We today who make up the WFBC stand on the shoulders of these faithful servants who have led in the past.

First Baptist Church went way beyond the call of duty in hosting the meeting and providing delicious meals for both Monday evening and Tuesday noon for all who attended. The facilities were excellent for the services, meals and great fellowship, as well as providing a venue for the  fifteen ministries who set up table displays. This local church hosted the very first annual meeting in 1950 as well as the 50th anniversary ten years ago. Thanks, First Baptist Church, for a wonderful time of ministry and fellowship.

God challenged the nation of Israel when they found themselves facing the Red Sea with the Egyptian army pursuing them from the rear. He told Moses to “speak unto the children of Israel, that they go forward.” While we shared a time of reminiscing with the former directors, it is our goal to keep our focus on the future and reminding ourselves that we must continue to “go forward.” There are still many cities and towns in Wisconsin in need of a good fundamental Baptist church, and there are many churches that need fellowship and encouragement to continue in their mission of fulfilling the great commission through their community. “Forward in faith!”