Mortgage Burning at Wild Rose Baptist Church

Sunday January 16th we were able to be a part of the mortgage burning ceremony at Wild Rose Baptist Church. Jack Kaetterhenry is the pastor of this local church ministry.

Former pastor Scott Jones, who is now serving at Southport Baptist Church in Kenosha, spoke for Sunday School providing a powerpoint with pictures of the building process accomplished during his tenure. Carole provided keyboard assistance for the service including playing for the choir. I preached for the morning service out of a text in Joshua 24 about the need for decisive commitment by believers. Immediately following the morning service the deacons and trustees, along with Pastor Jones and Pastor Kaetterhenry burned a copy of the mortgage contract.

A delicious pot luck dinner was provided for all in attendance. A time of testimonies followed with an opportunity for many to share their memories of the building program. Eric Joss the head of Master’s Craftsmen, a church building ministry out of Wyldewood Baptist Church in Oshkosh, was present and shared a report of their ministry and decision to go full time in their ministry this year. The Master’s Craftsmen ministry had come during the building program to hang the sheet rock.

This special celebration is a testimony to the faithfulness of the Wild Rose Baptist Church congregation. God has blessed them with almost 140 years of ministry in this community and a very functional building which is debt free. Praise the Lord!