Building Dedication at Calvary Baptist in Sauk City

Sunday afternoon October 23rd was the Building Dedication Service for the new building at Calvary Baptist Church in Sauk City. Dan Lindsey is the pastor of this local church ministry. The service included a number of hymns, special music, a dedication prayer by Pastor Robert Dow, recognition of builders and many others who helped with the building, as well as a video presentation of the project. Pastor Lindsey brought the afternoon message on “Nails,” and he asked me to close the service with prayer. Following the service the church provided a wonderful lunch in the gymnasium.

The old church building was demolished last year and the site stood empty over the winter. During that year the church met in the adjacent activity center and gymnasium. Working with Continental Mission Builders many members of the congregation assisted the building project. The new auditorium was directly attached to the exiting activity center and gymnasium, making it an excellent single complex. The new facility will provide a fine tool for ministry in the years to come.