Visit at Lakewood Baptist Church in Delafield

Sunday January 1st we we visited the Lakewood Baptist Church in Delafield which is one of our WFBC church plants, started in 2009. Dave Marriott is the pastor of this local church ministry. There was a good crowd present for the service despite the holiday Sunday. Pastor Marriott preached on the Lord Jesus Christ as our creator from Colossians 1. Following the service we enjoyed a great time of fellowship over dinner with Pastor Marriott and his wife Emiley.

Lakewood Baptist Church has gone off financial support from the WFBC as of January 1st. They have established a strong congregation with attendances averaging about 200. They have the need of a permanent location, as they are currently meeting at the Cushing Elementary School. Pray for them regarding a building or land for building in the Delafield area.