Preaching at Fellowship Baptist Church in Harmony Grove

Sunday July 29th we were ministering at Fellowship Baptist Church in Harmony Grove (Lodi). Eric Hafeli is the pastor of this local church ministry and he and his wife were away celebrating their 33rd wedding anniversary. I shared a brief verbal report of our ministry and preached for the AM Service. Following the service we enjoyed lunch with a couple of the church families at a local restaurant.

Fellowship Baptist Church was a WFBC church plant begun in the 1990s. Dr. Leon Leeds was the WFBC director and he worked with Pastor John Roth in a Paul-Timothy relationship for a period of six month to begin that work. After meeting a couple of different places they were able to build a church building in Harmony Grove under Pastor Roth’s leadership. Following Pastor Roth’s leaving Eric Hafeli came as the pastor and he has been carrying on the work up to the present. Praise the Lord for the ongoing work of church planting supported by the churches of the WFBC.