Pulpit Supply at Kettle Moraine Baptist Church

On Sunday August 19th we were ministering at Kettle Moraine Baptist Church in Whitewater. Tom Fuller is the pastor of this local church ministry, and he was in Quebec with a ministry group from the church working with one of their missionaries. I taught a lesson in Sunday School on the local church as well as presenting the DVD of our ministry. Carole provided keyboard assistance for the both Sunday School and the AM Service. Also I preached for both the AM and PM Services.

We enjoy visiting at Kettle Moraine Baptist Church. The people always take an active interest in our ministry when we come to visit. We had a delightful time of fellowship with one of the church families for lunch at a local restaurant.

Churches should take every opportunity to get their church families involved in the ministry of their missionaries. A visit to the mission field for both a pastor and his people can revolutionize mission emphasis and ministry.