Ministry at Lakeshore Baptist Church

Sunday September 2nd we were ministering at Lakeshore Baptist Church in Kewaunee. Ray Anderson is the pastor of this local church ministry. It is one of our active church planting ministries having begun services just a year ago. I preached for the Sunday AM Service and following the service we enjoyed a delightful time of fellowship at the Anderson’s home in Kewaunee.

In two weeks the church will be celebrating its one-year anniversary as well as moving into a new location. Their current location is a downtown building which will accommodate about 50-60 people. Attendances have been averaging in the 40s with a high attendance recently of 51. The new location is a high profile place on the main highway coming in on the west side of Kewaunee. It will enable them to expand up to about 100 for services in addition to giving them more class room space and off-street parking. They are actively making some improvements on the building to fit their ministry. Pray for this new local church as they grow and carve out a thriving ministry in Kewaunee county.