Preaching at Faith Baptist in Beloit

On Sunday September 30th we were ministering at Faith Baptist Church in Beloit. Dan Stertz is the pastor of this local church ministry, and he was out-of-state preaching at a 50th anniversary of a former pastoral ministry in South Dakota. Dan is also on the executive committee of the WFBC serving as the treasurer.

Carole taught the ladies Sunday School class as well as providing keyboard assistance for the services. I taught Sunday School for the auditorium class as well as sharing the DVD report of our ministry. Also I preached for both the AM and afternoon services. The church had a carry-in dinner for the noon meal which allowed us to fellowship with a number of the members of the congregation on a more informal basis.

Dan and Mary Stertz have pastored here in Wisconsin in two churches as well as a church in Brookings, South Dakota. Before getting involved in pastoral ministry and while Dan was a student at Maranatha College, they served at Rock Lake Baptist Church under my ministry there.