Visit to Lakewood Baptist Church

Sunday January 13th we visited at one of our recent church plant ministries in Delafied. Dave Marriott is the pastor of this new church which was started in 2009. It was a blessing to see the room filled and many new people since our list visit. The Lord has evidently blessed with strong growth in that area.

Lakewood Baptist Church is holding services at the Cushing Elementary School in Delafield at I-94 and Cty Hwy C. They have purchased a ten-acre property on the north side of the Interstate just a couple of miles east of their current location. They are working on paying off the property with a view to a permanent church facility on that location.

Pray for this new work as they continue to build a strong constituent membership and work toward a church building. We thank the Lord for our church planting ministries across the state of Wisconsin.