Ministry at Faith Baptist Church in Wautoma

Sunday April 14th we were visiting at Faith Baptist Church in Wautoma. Mark Dobbertin is the pastor of this local church ministry. Brother Dobbertin invited me to share our ministry during the AM Service with our DVD. It was a blessing to visit with the folks at Faith. Despite the fact that it is spring we came out of the morning service to find two inches of snow on the ground. Praise the Lord we know that the seasons will come, since God has promised it.

Following the service we enjoyed lunch at a local restaurant with the Dobbertins. They are representative of the pastoral families of the WFBC who are bi-vocational working outside their ministry. I appreciate faithful pastors and their wives who are willing to work in these smaller ministries to keep the doors open and the gospel going forth in their communities. Pray for all our bi-vocational pastors and pastor’s wives to have the strength to continue in their work for Christ.