Building Dedication at New Testament Baptist Church

On Sunday September 8th the New Testament Baptist Church of Columbus celebrated the Building Dedication of their new building. Todd Werner is the pastor of this local church ministry. The Sunday activities included building touring during the normal Sunday School hour followed by the AM Service. Pastor Werner spoke at that service on the sufficiency of scripture from II Peter 1. After the service the church provided a delicious sit-down dinner for all who were present. In the afternoon there a service to honor the families from Continental Church Builders who had provided the workforce to build the facility.

New Testament Baptist Church was able to sell their old building prior to entering this facility. The new building provides a spacious auditorium, a large entry area, a fellowship hall, several Sunday School rooms, nurseries, a kitchen and restrooms. There was a great crowd present for the day with many visitors. The auditorium was full for the service with some folks having to sit in the entryway for the service. Praise the Lord for a beautiful and spacious tool for ministry in the Columbus area.