Ministry at Lakeshore Baptist Church

On Sunday March 23rd we were ministering at the AM Service of Lakeshore Baptist Church in Kewaunee. Ray Anderson is the pastor of this local church ministry. They have recently started a Sunday Evening Service in place of Sunday School. During the AM Service Carole was able to provide music assistance on the key board. I presented our ministry DVD and preached for that service as well.

Lakeshore Baptist Church is one of our church planting ministries, and so it was a blessing to see the progress of the work there. During their first year of ministry, beginning in September of 2011, the church outgrew the building they were renting. God provided a larger place which they have fixed up to meet their growing needs. It was good to see the building comfortably full with a number of new families. Following the service we went to a area pool there Pastor Anderson baptized three new believers. Continue to pray for this ministry that God would bring solid growth and that the ministry would come to be fully self-supported.