160th Anniversary at First Baptist Church

Sunday October 26th First Baptist Church of Waupaca celebrated the 160th Anniversary of the founding of the church. Joshua Haney is the pastor of this local church ministry.

First Baptist Church began in 1854 with a small of believers in Waupaca. They met in the school building and some other public places before building their first church building in 1863. The church grew over the years with some ups and downs during the 1880s with financial problems and a fire that nearly destroyed the building in 1914. They rebuilt on that site and then relocated and built at the current location in 1970. The addition of a Christian school, bus ministry and other outreach ministries have brought the church up to the present. Former pastors Leon Leeds and Larry Gross were able to be present for the day.

First Baptist Church was also the location of the founding of the WFBC in 1950. A group of believers concerned about the conditions in the state met and formed the Conservative Baptist Association of Wisconsin. Later in 1969 due to problems with the CBA the churches changed their name to the Wisconsin Fellowship of Baptist Churches.