Filling the Pulpit at Faith Baptist in Portage

We opened the month of December with ministry at Faith Baptist Church in Portage. Jonathan Robertson is the pastor of this local church ministry and he was away for the week visiting with his family out of state.

Carole provided music assistance on the piano for the services. I taught Sunday School and preached for both the AM and Afternoon Services. Also during the morning service I shared our ministry DVD.

Our daughter helped us with a brand new table display to use in the churches which we put into use for the first time on Sunday. Abbie traveled with us during the first four years of this ministry while she was a in high school. Now having her art degree is has been able to help with both the new display and prayer cards.

It is always a joy to visit in Portage at Faith Baptist Church. A number of the members there were members under my pastoral ministry there many years ago, so we always enjoy catching up with them.