Ministry in Terni, Italy

Carole and I had the privilege of visiting our missionary friends, Kieth and Linda Bloyd in Italy May 4-12. The Bloyds have been serving in Italy for over 30 years, and they seen God save souls as well as seeing Evangelical Baptist Church organized and functioning in their city. We were blessed to be able to be their commissioning church while pastoring at Rock Lake Baptist Church in Lake Mills.

I was able to bring a Bible Study for their Mid-week Service on Wednesday and preach for the AM Service on Sunday. Kieth interpreted for me during those services. Carole provided music accompaniment for the services, as well recording music that they can use when they do not have an piano player. Following the Sunday service we enjoyed a delicious carry-in Italian meal with the congregation. Also we were able to have a personal ministry to a number of the members of their congregation during the time we were there.

This was our third visit to the Bloyds and their ministry. We were with them twenty years ago while visiting a number of missionaries in Europe supported by our church in Lake Mills. Eleven years ago we returned with our daughter, Abbie and our son, Andrew and his fiance, Amie. This time we enjoyed visits to several mountain cities in the Terni area. We thank God for faithful missionary families are who are willing to give their lives to reach other places in the world for Christ.