Preaching at Maranatha Baptist Church

Sunday November 6th I was speaking at Maranatha Baptist Church in Phillips. Christian Markle is the pastor of this local church ministry. I was ministering alone that weekend as Carole was attending the funeral service of her step-father on Saturday in Casper, Wyoming.

I taught a Bible lesson for Sunday School on “Our Responsibility to Government.” During the AM Service I shared our DVD video with a report of our ministry, as well as preaching for that service. After spending the day with Pastor Markle and his family I also preached for the evening service. We enjoyed a delightful day of ministry at Maranatha.

The Markles came to Phillips to help the church get back on its feet after an extended time without a pastor. However, they have stayed with the work and seen real growth and positive progress for the entire ministry. Thank God for faithful men and women who sacrifice for the cause of Christ. God has promised His reward for all such.